by Legnd

May 7th, 2024

What are Google Local Services Ads?

Google Local Services Ads appear above search results as PPL (pay-per-lead) ads, above the traditional ads and organic search results. 

Businesses need to undergo a screening process before making use of Local Service Ads that involves license checks, background checks, and insurance checks, which can vary from business to business. The number of ads within specific categories in a market can differ quite a bit depending on the sector.

Local Service Ads are available nationwide in the USA and beyond. 

When Do Google Local Service Ads Appear in Google Search Results?

Ads appear based on searches for certain keywords relating to business types. Google Screened and Google Guaranteed Local Services Ads are split based on home services and professional services. 

What Businesses Can Use Google Local Services Ads? 

Home services fall under the Google Guaranteed category of local services ads, while professional services fall under Google Screened local service ads. The following categories are businesses that can use Local Service Ads in the United States: 

1. Window Services and Cleaning

2. Water Damage and Removal Services

3. Tree and Landscaping Services

4. Tax Services 

5. Roofing Companies

6. Real Estate Agencies

7. Plumbing

8. Pest Control 

9. Moving Services

10. Locksmiths

11. Legal Practices

12. Junk Removal

13. Foundations/Flooring Services

14. Fencing Services

15. Countertop Fabrication and Installation 

16. Cleaners 

17. Carpentry

18. Appliance Repair Services

What is the Difference Between Google Screened and Google Guaranteed? 

Google Screened means that a business has passed the required qualification and screening process but is not backed by the Google Guarantee. 

Businesses sporting the Google Guarantee have passed the qualification and screening process, and Google will endorse the work of the business. Google may reimburse customers who booked services with a business found through Google Local Service Ads and were dissatisfied. 

How Much Will Google Reimburse Dissatisfied Customers Under the Google Guarantee? 

If a customer has been wronged or is dissatisfied by a business that carries the Google Guarantee, then Google will reimburse the customer the amount that they paid for the service. As of 2021, the Google Guarantee lifetime cap per customer in the United States is $2,000.

Does Using Google Local Services Ads Cost Money?

There is zero cost to sign up with Local Services Ads outside the time investment needed to enroll. If businesses decide that they don’t want to participate in the paid search ad campaign, then they can be placed within the free listings section. However, it’s important to understand that this ranks below the paid results, and Google might remove some of them eventually if they are inactive for a long period of time. 

Cost per lead will depend on business type and location and can range from $5 to $200 all depending on the field. Businesses can select to pay more per lead in order to improve their position in ad search results. Businesses are never changed while their ads are paused, which can be done at any time through the Google Local Services app or dashboard.  

The Benefits of Using Google Local Services Ads

The fact that Google is willing to sign off on your business gives it much more weight and credibility than the competition. The Google Screened badge also provides a visual representation of this accomplishment, further incentivizing companies to make use of Google Guarantees. Other benefits include:

1. Lower lead costs

2. No participation fees, only lead fees

3. Ability to challenge charged leads

4. Recorded phone calls

What Kinds of Leads Will Google Services Ads Deliver?

There are three general types of leads businesses can expect as a result of their participation in this unique Google service:

Message Leads: businesses can enable potential customers to fill out a form directly from the ad to start communications in select US verticals. 

Bookings: utilizing Reserve with Google’s platform, customers and users can have their service scheduled online. This is currently limited to the United States in the fields of Home Service verticals. 

Phone Calls: easily the most numerous, these leads are perfect for skilled staff to make an impression and explain how their service can address the potential customer’s needs. Phone calls are supported in all US regions. 

What Determines Ranking in Google Services Ads?

Your placement in the ads section will depend on several things: 

1. If you have gotten severe or repeated complaints from clients

2. What your business hours areWhat your proximity is to the customer

3. Your response times to customer requests and inquiries

4. Your review score and frequency of reviews

5. The context of the potential customer’s searchIf you have gotten a Google Badge of Trust or not

Google Local Services Ads Improves Your Revenue

Google has updated its Local Services Ads program significantly, and more and more businesses are taking advantage of it. If you’re looking to keep yourself at the forefront of visibility, Eversite keeps the spotlight where it needs to be. Our team of SEO experts is ready and waiting to deploy the most effective Google Ads Services strategies to date; reach out today to learn more about how Eversite can help your business thrive!