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Eversite FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To The Most Common Questions Asked About Eversite

General Eversite Information

What is Eversite?

Eversite focuses on the concept of a website as a service, emphasizing professional, custom web design done by experts which includes on-demand content updates, website hosting, and management, all in one convenient and affordable package.

What does Eversite do?

Eversite takes the headache out of content creation and website management. Our team of expert graphic designers and web professionals take over the day-to-day nuances regarding your website’s operations so that you’re able to focus on what matters most: running your business.

Who is Eversite right for?

An Eversite is best for small to medium-sized businesses with a need to be well-represented online with a modern, fast-loading, mobile-friendly, up-to-date website. Eversite is ideal for businesses without the technical personnel to make designing and managing the company website a priority. We make your website a priority so you don’t have to. In addition, modern up-to-date websites convert at a much better rate than outdated websites, therefore, businesses that invest in Internet marketing will improve their ROI by upgrading to an Eversite.

Is Eversite a custom website design?

The Eversite design team will create a 100% customized website for you without relying on templates. It’s our mission to give every client a creative and unique website presence coupled with the best update and support services possible.

Do I have to log in to edit my Eversite?

You won’t need a login and password because we do all the updating for you. In the event that you would like to manage some content updates yourself, a login and password will be provided to you.

Is there a CMS?

A CMS (Content Management System) is a specialized online system that allows non-technical folks to manage the content of their website. Eversite’s CMS is built for our hyper-technical team members to be able to make changes efficiently and effectively for you. You won’t need to log in to the Eversite CMS because all changes and updates are performed by our trained team on your behalf. 

Can I use my own domain name with Eversite?

Yes, you can keep and use your original domain name. In fact, we always recommend our clients hold their domain names in an account they own and manage. In addition, we recommend that you renew your domain name for the maximum number of years allowed, typically 10 years.

What is the Eversite login to manage my website?

You will not need a login and password to update your site. You can send us update requests via email or phone, depending on your preference. Our Eversite support team will be happy to complete your request and give you an update in a timely manner. In the event that you would like to manage some content updates yourself, a login and password will be provided to you.

Contracts & Costs

What is Eversite's cancellation policy?

With our Eversite platform, we ask for a short notice that will allow us to download all of the information on your website in an organized manner. We will then hand it over to you so that you can apply it to a different host site if desired.

What happens to my website data if I cancel my Eversite subscription?

Everything displayed on your website, including the site’s files, are 100% yours. From a technical perspective, we would export your full website including HTML files, CSS, images, and Javascript for your records and safekeeping. The hosting environment and back-end system that runs your website is not included. Therefore, you could take the website export as described above and use it in a new hosting environment and/or content management system (CMS) at the discretion of your new web agency. Keep in mind, if you choose to utilize a new CMS, some refactoring or rebuilding of the site will be necessary to work in its new home (ex: hooking up email forms to submit an email), but as mentioned before, the site files and content as displayed on your website is yours to use and reuse.

If I cancel my Eversite subscription, will I keep my website?

In the event you wish to cancel your Eversite subscription, you will keep your website along with all of the content that Legnd has generated for it. This includes HTML files, images, CSS, Javascript, and more. The hosting environment and back-end system that runs your website is not included.

How soon can I cancel an Eversite subscription if I need to?

If you decide to terminate the contract after two years, or even after 3 months, your website's design and ALL of the content will remain yours. The only thing that doesn't transfer is the platform itself, but the website and website files are yours to do with what you like. We ask for a short notice to allow us to pull all of your content off of our hosting platform, collect it neatly and hand it over to you. At that point, a hard copy of your website is in your possession and yours to use during any migration to a new platform.

How much does an Eversite cost?

Eversite subscriptions begin at $199 per month, but there is a limit to the number of total pages your website can have. The vast majority of Eversites fall into the middle tier and cost $399 per month along with a one-time initial fee of $399. Eversites from any tier include a custom website design by a professional web designer and unlimited updates.

What is the hosting fee? Are there any extra costs?

The hosting fee is included in your monthly Eversite subscription. Besides a domain name registration payment that you should maintain at your own designated registrar, there is no additional cost necessary to keep your website running smoothly.

What's Included?

What types of website update requests are included with an Eversite subscription?

Some example service requests that are included with an Eversite subscription are:

  1. We hired a new team member, please add this headshot and bio to our staff page.

  2. Change the homepage banner with the attached image of this upcoming event.

  3. Create a new page for a new service we’re providing with the content provided.

  4. Embed this YouTube video on the About Us page of our website.

  5. Upload these PDFs attached to the New Patients page for download.

  6. Here’s a new post we’d like added to our blog.

  7. Add this Google Analytics tracking code to every page on our website.

  8. We’ve changed our services, please update the text/pictures with ones we’ve attached to this email.

  9. Add our new office manager’s email address to the recipients of our contact form.

  10. Embed this free quote widget to our home page and the Free Quote page.

  11. Create links in our footer to our social media profiles.

  12. Add an email form to our Services page.

  13. Embed a Facebook widget to pull in recent posts to my website.

  14. Add these PayPal buttons to the Products page. 

  15. Install this online chat widget to our website.

Does Eversite include SEO?

You can add unique SEO services a la carte. Some level of SEO is included with Eversite just by its nature of being regularly updated. However, to optimize your website’s rankings, adding extra SEO services to your Eversite package would be wise. You are free to send us blog posts and website content which our team will add to your website. Content is still king, and this can certainly improve your website’s organic ranking. Eversite is a very clean CMS that is SEO-friendly. You can opt for SEO add-ons for an additional price.

How many revisions to my Eversite can I request?

There are no limits to the number of Eversite revisions you can request. You can easily make revision and content update requests via phone or email. Whether it's one content request or 100, our team will organize and work through your request list as efficiently and effectively as possible to keep your website updated.

Does Eversite include phone support?

Legnd has real people who understand your needs and concerns and have the technical ability to fulfill your content update requests. We pride ourselves on being available to answer your phone calls and email requests in a timely manner. We are largely available during normal business hours from Monday through Friday. We’re also available for emergencies should the need arise, but, knock-on-wood, those are few and far between.

The Eversite Difference

Is Eversite better than a traditional website on WordPress, SquareSpace, etc.?

The traditional web design process is no longer the best way to ensure your website is successful. Eversite is a Website-as-a-service, a model in which custom web design is coupled with an ongoing content updating service. 

A key benefit of Eversite is the personalized, custom design. A custom design tailored to your business’s needs and preferences is essential for creating a website experience that best reflects your brand and resonates with your audience. Additionally, the ongoing content updating service included with Eversite ensures your website is constantly evolving and adapting to the changing needs of your business, as well as to the changing trends of the web design world. This will help keep your website current, engaging, and effective, even as your business grows and evolves. 

Finally, Eversite eliminates the need for lengthy, unpredictable, and expensive web design projects. Since the design and content updating services are included in the package, you can get a complete website in a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional web design process. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the website becoming outdated or irrelevant over time; the ongoing content updating service ensures your website is always fresh and relevant. 

In short, Eversite is the ideal choice for businesses that want a custom website that is updated on an ongoing basis. The personalized design, content updating services, and cost and time savings make it the superior choice over the traditional web design process.

Is Eversite industry-specific?

Legnd’s Eversite team has been designing and developing websites across industries since 2001. We are not exclusive to any industry, though we do have significant past expertise in many industries.

What are some Eversite examples?

You can see some examples of our Eversite team’s work here: 

With over two decades of experience, we have ample examples to share with our potential clients. No matter which industry, we’re confident that we’ve represented something relatable to your niche.

How is Eversite different from a website?

Simply put, an Eversite is a website with an extra layer of service and management included. Unlike a traditional website arrangement created as a stand-alone website and a CMS for you to figure out, Eversite starts with a custom website build. Once launched, your Eversite includes management, updates, and hosting.

Is Eversite support just a ticketing system?

Our Eversite support system has a human touch. It includes video conferencing, phone, and email support that allows our clients to communicate update requests in a manner they see fit. We have the latest and greatest project management tools available to maximize speed and efficiency combined with the non-automated attention your website deserves.

Does Eversite use templates?

Templates are typically understood as pre-designed, pre-programmed websites lacking flexibility that allows designers to swap out generic elements with your content, often ending in an uncreative website. At Eversite, we believe the last thing the Internet needs is another template website. The Eversite design and management system allows us to create a 100% custom-designed website for you without the need for any templates.

Build Schedules & Design Times Answered

What is the length of an Eversite subscription?

An Eversite subscription is only as long as you’d like it to be. If you want a mobile, hassle-free website maintained by the industry’s Internet marketing and SEO experts, then Eversite is for you. The goal of Eversite is to provide clients a manageable subscription with a monthly cost and startup fee. The setup fee for your Eversite is fixed at $399, with a recurring monthly cost dependent on the Eversite tier your website falls under. As a bonus, the first month’s subscription fee is prorated based on the date you sign your contract.

How long does it take to build an Eversite?

The average time it takes to build an Eversite is 6-8 weeks, but this varies depending on initial content provided, number of revisions requested by the client, and other factors.

What are the turnaround times for content update requests?

Depending on the nature of the request, we can usually have it completed in a day or so. In some cases, we can have it finished in as little as a few hours. However, for larger or multi-faceted requests, multiple days might be needed. After you submit the request, we will give you an expectation of when the content update will be complete.

What if I don’t like my Eversite design?

We begin our design process with clients virtually meeting with their designer and project manager. The designer and project manager will ask you many questions about how you want your website to look and feel and for examples and content to make sure that what you expect is thoroughly understood. It’s common for minor edits/revisions to be a part of any custom design project, and Eversite is no different. In the unlikely event that you do not like the design of the website, we will take your feedback and implement it into a new one.

What is the typical schedule of an Eversite build?

Your unique Eversite begins with a series of meetings between you and our team of web and graphic designers to better understand your business. We discuss your ideal customer demographics and the competitive environments in which they operate. We also concurrently perform our own research processes while collecting the assets from you that we’ll need to design your custom website. This initial phase of building your Eversite takes about a week. 

In the next phase, the designer and project manager assigned to your Eversite will produce a userflow and sitemap document that represents the digital path visitors will take through your website. A week is allotted for review, feedback, and your approval, and then we'll begin your homepage’s design. In a two to three week span, we blend all of your input and files with our own research, experience, and knowledge of best practices for web design to produce the best homepage representation of your organization.

In the final phase of your Eversite’s development, our team moves to design all of the necessary internal page elements. After you approve the designs for your website and the pages are programmed, it takes about a week or so for our team to add in the content necessary to finish your website’s full user experience. 

The last step before launching your new Eversite is a video conference call for quality assurance. You’ll see the live screens of members of our Eversite team as we walk you through making sure your website is functioning as you expect it to. We test email forms, widgets, hyperlinks, page speed, downloads, and more. 

Designing your custom Eversite is a very iterative process which requires your input as the decision maker at several points. While completion times can vary, it generally takes approximately 2 months to launch, starting from the kick-off meeting. Your Eversite’s launch is only the beginning of growing your online presence. While most websites rarely see ongoing updates, your Eversite has a mechanism baked-in that ensures your website is kept up-to-date and meaningful to your audience.