by Legnd

French Quarter Phantoms

  • Our client:

    French Quarter Phantoms is your gateway to an unforgettable adventure through the mysterious and chilling tales of New Orleans. With a penchant for spine-tingling narratives and a dash of humor, they've been delighting guests of all backgrounds since their inception.

  • The challenge:

    An improved website experience for French Quarter Phantoms is a strategic step towards expanding their reach and captivating an even wider audience. It provides a dynamic platform to showcase the intriguing stories and exceptional guides that set them apart in the crowded tour industry.

  • 90-day results:

    Since the launch of their updated website and targeted internet marketing, French Quarter Phantoms has witnessed a remarkable increase in online engagement and bookings. Their commitment to delivering unique, well-researched, and genuinely entertaining tours shines through, captivating visitors and leaving them with unforgettable memories of New Orleans' eerie and enchanting past.

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