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GK Photography

  • Our client:

    GK Photography is a tale of artistic evolution, where the beats of drums once resonated in the heart of its founder, George Kuchler. From his early days as a dedicated drummer to the captivating world of photography, GK Photography has journeyed through time, blending artistry and customer service to create lasting memories.

  • The challenge:

    An enhanced website experience stands as the next chapter in GK Photography's story, offering a dynamic platform to showcase their decades-long passion for photography. It's a space where George's exceptional skills and dedication to customer satisfaction can shine, attracting new clients and fostering deeper connections with existing ones.

  • 90-day results:

    Since the launch of their updated website and targeted internet marketing efforts, GK Photography has witnessed a surge in engagement and bookings. George's journey from a passionate young photographer to a respected leader and mentor in the industry is now more accessible to a broader audience. The GK Experience, enriched by the vibrant culture of New Orleans, continues to inspire and capture the essence of life's beautiful moments through the lens of George Kuchler.

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