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Legacy Family Roofing

  • Our client:

    Legacy Family Roofing is more than just a roofing company; it's a testament to honor, integrity, honesty, trust, and loyalty. Founded by Michael and Melody Vaillancourt, this family-owned business sets a new standard in the roofing and construction industry. Their driving force is relationships, and they pursue each project with unwavering excellence and a profound sense of purpose.

  • The challenge:

    With a dedication to people over profits, Legacy Family Roofing embarked on a journey to establish an online presence that reflected their core values. Their improved website experience serves as a platform to convey their commitment to honor, integrity, and ethical business practices. It allows clients to connect with a roofing company that stands for trust, honesty, and loyalty.

  • 90-day results:

    Since the launch of their revamped website and targeted internet marketing efforts, Legacy Family Roofing has witnessed a groundswell of support from clients who appreciate their principled approach to the roofing industry. Their unwavering dedication to excellence and ethical conduct has resonated with homeowners in Georgia and beyond. 

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